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What is the Training Guides Project

The Training Guides project creates open source OpenStack training materials for use by OpenStack User Groups, Universities, and the OpenStack Upstream Training teams.

Quick Links

OpenStack Trainers Team https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/trainers
OpenStack Training Docs http://docs.openstack.org/training-guides/
Training Guides Launchpad project page https://launchpad.net/openstack-training-guides
Training Guides source code https://git.openstack.org/cgit/openstack/training-guides/
OpenStack Training Labs https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Training-guides/lab-scripts

Meeting Information

Project Goals

  • Aim/Goal (What does training guides provides):
    • OpenStack training cluster
      • automated local installation on VirtualBox (via osbash scripts)
      • follows the official OpenStack install-guide
      • one node cluster installation (all-in-one) in the public cloud
    • Training Content mostly by HTML slides
    • Example scenarios and use cases
    • Quizzes
  • Target Audience
    • OpenStack User Groups
    • Upstream Training/OpenStack Summit training
    • Universities
    • Self-paced training
  • Support the OpenStack Documentation Program projects by cross posting content

Project Lead Sean Roberts, with Sub-Groups

  • labs: (Pranav Salunke/dguitarbite leads) keep working scripts that track with the upstream install guides.
  • slides/testing: (Matjaz Pancur/matjazp leads) ensure slide decks are available.
  • infrastructure: (Roger Luethi/rluethi, Pranav Salunke/dguitarbite leads) maintain the trainer tools and testing system. The Infrastructure work will be blueprints (new features) and bugs (updating existing materials).
  • audio visual (AV): (Sayali Lunkad/sayali leads) create images, video, and graphics that promote and assist the training project

Core Reviewer Responsibilities

  • attend weekly IRC meets,
  • attend core sprints when called,
  • work through gerrit reviews of bugs and patches (Code Review Guidelines)
  • Consistent reviews to training-guides project.
  • Preference given to quality of reviews over quantity of reviews.
  • Creating or maintaining a sub-project/section in the project (ex. Labs, Docs, Slides etc.)
  • If it is required to give the core reviewership to the candidate (blockers ex. no one else can do the job better)
  • Current Core Reviewers



Team Leads

  • Pranav Salunke (email: dguitarbite@gmail.com, IRC: dguitarbite)

blueprints here

Install Guides[edit]

As of now the install guides re outdated (Havana Version). Aim to re-use 90% of OpenStack Install Guide located in openstack-manuals. Refer Etherpad https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/training-guides-install-guide Books[edit]

Need to maintain Associate Book and Operators Book. Associate Training Guide[edit]

Associate Training Guide - "Review of Concepts" Operator Training Guide[edit]

TODO: Add More points here. Other[edit]

Maintain and Update versions for various OpenStack releases starting from IceHouse release. Fix various bugs and participate in code review as required. Create, develop and maintain blueprints for docs sub team in OpenStack Training.


Blueprints here


  • current focus: Associate Guide
  • specs to be created for the testing sub-project
  1. Create platform for online test assessments (Moodle?)
  2. Create hands-on quizzes/testing scenarios
  • revise/expand questions for Associate guide
  1. Associate Training Guide - "Object Storage Node Quiz"
  2. Associate Training Guide - "Chapter 11. Assessment" - Task with a HowTo Style Solution
  • write questions/assessments for Operators guide
  • write questions/assessments for Developers Guide
  • write questions/assessments for Architects Guide


add blueprints here

WIP dguitarbite adds automated test scripts for upstream training Action Items dguitarbite add osbash trigger to generate windows scripts on every change to the repository dguitarbite add osbash testing trigger with jenkins

Audio Visual

blueprints here

Current focus: Select videos from the OpenStack Summit sessions that can be re-used/sliced for Audio Visual content.

This channel will be used to maintain the videos created and added to the project.


  • Push an initial patch consisting of an edited summit video to be reviewed by the team for approval.
  • Draw out the content not covered in the summit videos as per the requirement to fill in the structure as discussed on Etherpad (keeping it similar to training-guides structure).
  • Discuss how to go about recording more material not covered in the summit videos.

Project Status

How To

Create a Bug

Create a Blueprint

  1. The blueprint is created here https://blueprints.launchpad.net/openstack-training-guides/+addspec, only the name, title, and summary need to be filled out
  2. Submit a spec RST patch based on the template https://github.com/openstack/training-guides/blob/master/specs/template.rst
  3. Gerrit reviews are the debate and refinement
  4. Final RST patch either is rejected or approved
  5. If the RST patch is approved, then it gets merged, the blueprint is approved, and the RST details are manually updated into the blueprint
  6. The blueprint can only be approved for current release
  7. Blueprints not approved or not implemented during a release cycle need the RST patch be resubmitted for the next cycle

Fix a Bug or Add code to Implement a Blueprint

Structure of Materials

Book OpenStack Associate Guide

  • training would take 1 month self paced, (2) 2 week periods with a user group meeting, or 16 hours instructor led. Some time set aside for distro specific training.
  • basic knowledge of core OpenStack components (Compute, Block, Network, Dashboard)

Book openstack operations engineer

  • training would take 2.5 months self paced, (5) 2 week periods with a user group meeting, or 40 hours instructor led with 40 hours of self paced lab time. May set aside some time for distro specific training.

Book openstack development engineer

  • build on concepts from Operator training
  • combine how to contribute and working with CI guides into a developers guide
  • training would take 2.5 months self paced, (5) 2 week periods with a user group meeting, or 40 hours instructor led with 40 hours of self paced lab time. May set aside some time for distro specific training.

Book openstack devOps architect

  • training would take 6 months or (12) 2 week periods with a user group meeting. 240 hours of self paced lab time.
  • Meant to be very hard to complete. Public contribution must be a considerable part of the work completed.
  • The Architect focuses on a specific OpenStack project as a specialization and becomes a working member of that project. The Architect training will be all about becoming a functioning member of the OpenStack open source community.
  • speaking at user groups
  • summit session submissions should all count towards karma/contribution
  • Passing DevOps training would make the person desirable as an employee and a core contributor to any project

Training slides - Modules

  • OpenStack getting started
    • what is, it's mission, other general info
    • conceptual architecture, basic concepts
    • logical architecture diagram with "core" projects
  • Start a new VM with Horizon
  • Start a new VM with CLI
  • Dashboard (Horizon)
  • What happens when you start a VM
  • Compute service (Nova)
  • Networking (Neutron)
  • Image service (Glance)
  • Identity service (Keystone)
  • Block storage (Cinder)
  • Object storage (Swift)

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