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Tracking ServiceVM Reviews

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This page trackes specs/codes related to servicevm for ease reviewers.

ServiceVM Spec and Patch review tracking

This section tracks spec and patches for servicevm.

Neutron Specs and Patches in Kilo cycle

The following matrix tracks specs/patches for Neutron.

Title Spec/BP Owner Code Code Status
to be added - - - -
Title Spec/BP Owner Code Status
Modular l3 router plugin spec yamahata code1 code2code3code4 code5 -
Vyatta vRouter L3 Plugin spec Karthik code -
Support for netconf based FWaaS Appliance spec Hemanth N - -
FWaaS implementation for Cisco Virtual Router spec Sridar Kandaswamy code1code2 -
portsecurity extension spec yalei, rui, yamahata - spec arbitration is needed(specspec)
allow port network id to be updated spec yamahata - -
NGFW l3 router plugin spec rui, yalei, yamahata - -
NGFW fwaas driver spec rui, yalei, yamahata - -