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This page trackes specs/codes related to servicevm for ease reviewers.

Neutron Specs and Patches in Kilo cycle

Title Spec/BP Owner Code Code Status
Modular l3 router plugin spec yamahata code1 code2code3code4 code5 -
Vyatta vRouter L3 Plugin spec Karthik code -
Support for netconf based FWaaS Appliance spec Hemanth N - -
FWaaS implementation for Cisco Virtual Router spec Sridar Kandaswamy code1code2 -
portsecurity extension spec yalei, rui, yamahata - spec arbitration is needed(specspec)
allow port network id to be updated spec yamahata - -
NGFW l3 router plugin spec rui, yalei, yamahata - -
NGFW fwaas driver spec rui, yalei, yamahata - -