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Tracking ML2 Subgroup Reviews

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Here are tables for tracking the status of the specs related to ML2 in current release.

The guideline for updating this wiki is at the end of this page

Specs proposed to Kilo Release

For categories, please see the description at the bottom.

Title Owner Code Status Comments
portsecurity extension support Isaku Yamahata passing db entry extend dict passing plugin context to ext driver extension_driverport-sec-extWIP
ML2 hierarchical port binding rkukura api db logic merged need additional tests


Title/BP Owner Comment
ML2 Async driver invocation manishg poc-code
Modular L2 Agent banix On hold
ofagent: sub driver yamamoto probably some overlap with modular l2 agent


  • Mechanism Drivers do not need a blueprint starting Kilo Release (?)
  • The owner of a given spec is responsible for keeping the corresponding row in this table up to date

Other Considerations

  • Should we do the same for regular (not specs) neutron reviews? Will that be too much? We can wait and see if the current table will be used and if it will make the review process any better and then decide.
  • Any changes we can make to Launchpad and/or Gerrit review that will make the tracking of the specs easier and that will make using a table like this unnecessary?