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ThirdPartySystems/vArmour CI

3rd party system: vArmour Networks CI
Gerrit Account: varmourci
Contact Information: Gary Duan <gduan@varmour.com>, vArmour CI Test <openstack-ci-test@varmour.com>
Intent: Test Neutron patches with vArmour L3 and FWaaS Plugin
Structure: Jenkins, devstack, Gerrit Plugin
Method: -
  1. Jenkins gerrit plugin listens to events and trigger internal script
  2. The script invokes devstack and writes proper configuration to vArmour plugins
  3. The script brings up vArmour service VM and runs tempest test
  4. After the test is done, the script gather the logs and votes according to the test result.
OpenStack Programs: Neutron
Current Status: in-production, non-voting