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ThirdPartySystems/XenServer CI

{{ThirdPartySystemInfo|name=XenServer CI |account=citrix_xenserver_ci |contact=openstack@citrix.com, BobBall (irc) |intent=Continuous Integration for Nova for XenServer |structure=https://github.com/citrix-openstack/openstack-citrix-ci, nodepool, d-g, devstack, tempest |method=Use Gerrit Trigger to queue job in openstack-citrix-ci. Use nodepool to provision XenServer 6.2 instances in Rackspace cloud. Run full tempest test (with exclusions) as in the gate. |programs=Nova, Devstack, Tempest, xenapi-os-testing |status=Voting. Tracking available at http://zuul.openstack.xenproject.org/scoreboard/}