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'''Recheck trigger:''' "<please update with the comment format(s) that will trigger a recheck of this CI>"
'''Recheck trigger:''' "'recheck scst'"

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3rd party system: Name of 3rd party system
Gerrit Account: venkatakrishna
Contact Information: Venkata Krishna (irc: krishna_vedams, email: venkatakrishnat@vedams.com),Nikesh Mahalka (irc: nikeshm, email: nikeshmahalka@vedams.com)
Intent: To test new cinder patches against LVM system using SCST Target helper
Structure: using SOSCI (https://github.com/j-griffith/sos-ci)
Method: This CI monitors Gerrit Stream with OpenStack Third Party CI account and launch nova instances on getting desired gerrit events and run tempest volume tests
OpenStack Programs: cinder
Current Status: operational

Recheck trigger: "'recheck scst'"