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ThirdPartySystems/VMware CI

3rd party system: VMWARE CI
Gerrit Account: 9008
Contact Information: Salvatore Orlando (irc: salv-orlando, email: sorlando at nicira dot com), Ryan Hsu (irc: rhsu, email: rhsu at vmware dot com)
Intent: Validate Neutron changes with NSX plugin backend, Validate Nova changes with vCenter driver
Structure: customized version of devstack-gate, devstack, tempest
Method: Each test run uses a fresh devstack + VMware NSX + vCenter infrastructure. Infrastructure setup is performed with an ad hoc script and internal deployment tools. Neutron: smokeserial job, full job (non voting), largeops job. Nova: smokeserial job
OpenStack Programs: Neutron, Nova, stackforge/vmware-nsx (which is obviously not a program)
Current Status: voting

On 2014-01-09 there has been a regression in the NSX plugin which now always fails tempest.test.scenario.test_network_basic_ops when the route is put administratively down.

The issue will be fixed soon. In the meanwhile the CI is keeping voting to try and avoid introduction of further regressions. Please ignore VMware NSX CI failures in TestNetworkBasicOps