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ThirdPartySystems/VMware CI

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Revision as of 21:50, 16 September 2014 by Rhsu (talk | contribs)
3rd party system: VMWARE CI
Gerrit Account: 9008
Contact Information: Salvatore Orlando (irc: salv-orlando, email: sorlando at nicira dot com), Ryan Hsu (irc: rhsu, email: rhsu at vmware dot com)
Intent: Validate Neutron changes with NSX plugin backend, Validate Nova changes with vCenter driver
Structure: customized version of devstack-gate, devstack, tempest
Method: Each test run uses a fresh devstack + VMware NSX + vCenter infrastructure. Infrastructure setup is performed with an ad hoc script and internal deployment tools. Neutron: smokeserial job, full job (non voting), largeops job. Nova: smokeserial job
OpenStack Programs: Neutron, Nova
Current Status: commenting but not voting until system is configured not to vote on devstack-gate