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|programs=Cinder and Tempest
|programs=Cinder and Tempest
|status=ISCSI & FC tests operational.}}
|status=ISCSI & FC tests operational.}}
'''Recheck trigger:''' "recheck tegile"

Revision as of 18:28, 29 December 2015

3rd party system: Tegile Storage CI
Gerrit Account: tegile
Contact Information: openstack.ci@tegile.com
Intent: Third party CI for Tegile IntelliFlash arrays
Structure: Zuul, Jenkins, Nodepool, Common OpenStack CI Solution
Method: Monitor gerrit stream, run devstack VM volume tests using Tegile as backend device for Cinder
OpenStack Programs: Cinder and Tempest
Current Status: ISCSI & FC tests operational.

Recheck trigger: "recheck tegile"