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ThirdPartySystems/Tail-f NCS CI

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Revision as of 15:12, 5 December 2014 by Lukego (talk | contribs) (Tail-f NCS CI is superseded by Cisco Tail-f NCS)
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3rd party system: Tail-f NCS CI
Gerrit Account: tailfncs
Contact Information: email: Luke Gorrie <luke@tail-f.com>; irc: lukego; mobile: +41 79 244 32 17
Intent: Test ML2 subsystem changes with the Tail-f NCS driver.
Structure: Currently Jenkins with all software running on the master.
Method: Gerrit Trigger to run Network API tests with Tail-f NCS driver enabled.
OpenStack Programs: Neutron (ml2)
Current Status: Disabled. Superseded by *Cisco Tail-f NCS*.