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ThirdPartySystems/Quobyte CI

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Revision as of 13:30, 9 December 2019 by Kaisers (talk | contribs) (Quobyte CIs are currently down due to a devstack issue.)
3rd party system: Quobyte CI
Gerrit Account: quobyteci
Contact Information: primary contact: silvan@quobyte.com (kaisers@IRC); backup contacts (in order): robert@quobyte.com (mrlarkin@IRC), felix@quobyte.com, bjoern@quobyte.com,
Intent: Test Cinder, OS-Brick, Manila, and Nova changes against Quobyte drivers
Structure: ansible installed sos-ci setup with some modifications
Method: sos-ci monitors Gerrit event stream and triggers test builds, ansible based installation in DevStack instances, running volume related tempest tests vs. Cinder, OS-Brick, and Nova changes. Similar installation testing manila changes with their respective tempest tests on a quobyte backend based setup.
OpenStack Programs: Cinder, OS-Brick, Manila, and Nova
Current Status: enabled

Status Details

Reporting in Cinder project (stable), OS-Brick project (stable), Manila project (stable), and Nova project (stable)

Bugs/changes affecting all CI results:

  • All CIs currently down due to devstack incompatibility, we're working to fix this issue.

Bugs/changes affecting the Cinder CI results:

  • Cinder CI runs with basic apparmor protection as a workaround for a libvirt apparmor config issue until that bug is solved
  • Cinder CI randomly hits bug #1606136
  • Cinder CI explicitly skips test_snapshot_backup until bug #1703405 is fixed.

Bugs/changes affecting the OS-Brick CI results:

Bugs/changes affecting the Nova CI results:

Bugs/changes affecting the Manila CI results:

  • Manila CI runs all basic tests as well as some optional tempest test groups:
    • run_quota_tests=True
    • run_extend_tests=True
    • run_shrink_tests=True

Rechecking Quobyte CI Systems

Quobyte CI systems trigger rechecks in two scenarios:

  • Jenkins recheck: Every time Jenkins comments +1 on a change the corresponding Quobyte CI is triggered. This includes initial check runs as well as recheck triggered Jenkins re-runs
  • CI specific recheck (see below)

Quobyte CI Specific Rechecks

All CI systems run by Quobyte support rechecking by adding the comment 'run-Quobyte CI' to the patch set in question.
Recheck trigger: "run-Quobyte CI"
An older recheck trigger including the Quobyte CI instance name is outdated now and now longer used. The recheck command works even if there's no previous report from the given CI instance for the given patch set.