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ThirdPartySystems/Quobyte CI

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Revision as of 08:52, 21 January 2016 by Kaisers (talk | contribs) (update cinder and brick ci state)
3rd party system: Quobyte CI
Gerrit Account: quobyteci
Contact Information: silvan@quobyte.com (kaisers@IRC), robert@quobyte.com (mrlarkin@IRC), felix@quobyte.com, bjoern@quobyte.com,
Intent: Test Cinder, OS-Brick, Manila (and later Nova) changes against Quobyte drivers
Structure: ansible installed sos-ci setup with some modifications
Method: sos-ci monitors Gerrit event stream and triggers test builds, ansible based installation in DevStack instances, running volume related tempest tests vs. cinder and os-brick. Similar installation testing manila changes with their respective tempest tests on a quobyte backend based setup.
OpenStack Programs: Cinder, OS-Brick, Manila, (Nova to be added)
Current Status: Reporting in Cinder project (stable), OS-Brick project (experimental) and Manila project (stable)

Bugs/changes affecting the Cinder CI results:

  • Cinder CI is currently down due to server installation update (2016-01-21)
  • CI explicitely skips encrypted volume test as proposed on the mailing list, affects 1 test.

Bugs/changes affecting the Manila CI results:

  • CI skips several groups of non-implemented Manila feature test groups (snapshots, etc.) based on the Manila tempest tests config parameters

Bugs/changes affecting the OS-Brick CI results:

  • OS-Brick CI is currently down due to server installation update (2016-01-21)

Rechecking Quobyte CI Systems

All CI systems run by Quobyte support rechecking by adding the comment 'run <ci-instance-name>' to the patch set in question. For example:

run cinder-quobyteci-dsvm-volume

This command works even if there's no previous report from the given CI instance for the given patch set.