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ThirdPartySystems/Quobyte CI

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Revision as of 13:25, 1 February 2016 by Kaisers (talk | contribs) (Updated on Nova CI status)
3rd party system: Quobyte CI
Gerrit Account: quobyteci
Contact Information: silvan@quobyte.com (kaisers@IRC), robert@quobyte.com (mrlarkin@IRC), felix@quobyte.com, bjoern@quobyte.com,
Intent: Test Cinder, OS-Brick, Manila, and Nova) changes against Quobyte drivers
Structure: ansible installed sos-ci setup with some modifications
Method: sos-ci monitors Gerrit event stream and triggers test builds, ansible based installation in DevStack instances, running volume related tempest tests vs. Cinder, OS-Brick, and Nova changes. Similar installation testing manila changes with their respective tempest tests on a quobyte backend based setup.
OpenStack Programs: Cinder, OS-Brick, Manila, and Nova
Current Status: Reporting in Cinder project (stable), OS-Brick project (down), Manila project (stable), and Nova project (experimental)

Bugs/changes affecting the Cinder CI results:

  • After a brief working time Cinder CI is currently throwing false negatives, we're analyzing this. (2016-02-01)
  • Cinder CI is back online after migration. Some initial logs where published with a wrong IP address. Please contact us if you require access to one of those initial logs (2016-01-29)
  • CI explicitely skips encrypted volume test as proposed on the mailing list, affects 1 test.

Bugs/changes affecting the Manila CI results:

  • CI skips several groups of non-implemented Manila feature test groups (snapshots, etc.) based on the Manila tempest tests config parameters.

Bugs/changes affecting the OS-Brick CI results:

  • OS-Brick CI is currently down due to service migration. Cinder CI migration is complete, OS-Brick CI will follow up shortly (2016-01-29)

Bugs/changes affecting the Nova CI results:

  • Nova CI has completed basic testing and is active. Currently it hits the same issue as Cinder CI (see above)

Rechecking Quobyte CI Systems

All CI systems run by Quobyte support rechecking by adding the comment 'run <ci-instance-name>' to the patch set in question. For example:

run cinder-quobyteci-dsvm-volume

This command works even if there's no previous report from the given CI instance for the given patch set.