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ThirdPartySystems/OpenDaylight CI

3rd party system: OpenDaylight CI
Gerrit Account: odl-jenkins
Contact Information: The Linux Foundation Collaborative Projects admin team, odl-openstack@opendaylight.org
Intent: Neutron testing for OpenDaylight mechanism driver
Structure: Jenkins using Gerrit Trigger plugin
Method: We spin up a Fedora 20 VM, load devstack and test with OpenDaylight by running Tempest API tests. We plan to use scenario tests soon. To re-run test, use comment: recheck-opendaylight
OpenStack Programs: Neutron
Current Status: Currently Stopped because the job has been removed as it was broken and was not maintained. Other jobs are covering tempest testing of networking-odl + ODL Netvirt in both OpenDaylight CI and OpenStack CI