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ThirdPartySystems/Nuage CI

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3rd party system: Nuage Networks CI (Continuous Integration) System
Gerrit Account: nuage-ci
Contact Information: Sailaja Yanamandra <y.sailaja@gmail.com>, <nuage-ci@nuagenetworks.net>; IRC: skata
Intent: Continuous testing of the Neutron patches with the Nuage Plugin
Structure: Jenkins, devstack, tempest, vagrant, custom scripts
Method: Nuage-CI methodology
  1. Events are received with Jenkins
  2. The Jenkins job launch a custom script that spawn a VM, apply the patch and run tempest
  3. If the test is successful, the script vote +1, if the test in unsuccessful an email is sent to the Nuage CI administrator for consideration before voting -1
OpenStack Programs: Neutron, Tempest
Current Status: Voting