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(Created page with "{{ThirdPartySystemInfo|name=NetApp CI |account=netapp-ci |contact= xdl-openstack-jenkins@netapp.com, andrew.kerr@netapp.com (akerr), alex.meade@netapp.com (ameade) |intent=Tes...")
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|method=Using Zuul to connect to Gerrit
|method=Using Zuul to connect to Gerrit
|status=In development}}
|status=Silent Running}}

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3rd party system: NetApp CI
Gerrit Account: netapp-ci
Contact Information: xdl-openstack-jenkins@netapp.com, andrew.kerr@netapp.com (akerr), alex.meade@netapp.com (ameade)
Intent: Test Openstack with NetApp Cinder drivers using storage arrays
Structure: Nodepool, Zuul, Jenkins, modified upstream components with local configuration
Method: Using Zuul to connect to Gerrit
OpenStack Programs: Cinder
Current Status: Silent Running