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ThirdPartySystems/Mellanox CI

3rd party system: Name of 3rd party system
Gerrit Account: Mellanox CI <mlnx-openstack-ci@dev.mellanox.co.il>
Contact Information: Mellanox_CI <mlnx-openstack-ci@dev.mellanox.co.il> Lenny Verkhovsky <lennyb@mellanox.com> Omri Marcovitch <omrim@mellanox.com> Nurit Vilosny <nuritv@mellanox.com>
Intent: Test Neutron with ML2 driver, MLNX plugin and SRIOV NIC Switch Driver.
Structure: Jenkins Job Builder, Zuul to receive gerrit events, Devstack, Tempest
Method: Zuul send an event of new gerrit commit -> Jenkins job builder create *.xml file for Jenkins -> Jenkins create Devstack Environment -> Running tempest -> If test failed copy all logs.
OpenStack Programs: Neutron
Current Status: production, testing, voting, non-voting