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ThirdPartySystems/Intel NFV CI

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Revision as of 12:52, 9 October 2017 by Sean-k-mooney (talk | contribs) (update wiki to reflect that ci is broken and will be switch to silent mode)
3rd party system: Intel NFV CI
Gerrit Account: intel-nfv-ci
Contact Information: Zetik, RadekX <radekx.zetik@intel.com>, <openstack-nfv-ci@intel.com>
Intent: test OVS-DPDK + NFV features (NUMA, Huge Page and CPU pinning support etc.) scenario and api networking tempest tests on changes to Nova, Neutron and networking-ovs-dpdk projects, test TEMPEST_FULL test suite with NFV-enabled flavors on changes to Nova project, test intel-nfv-ci-tests on changes to Nova and intel-nfv-ci-tests projects, test OVS-DPDK+ODL on changes to Neutron, networking-odl and Devstack projects
Structure: Zuul, Gearman, Jenkins, Nodepool, Openstack Cloud stable/newton, KVM/QEMU Virtual Machines
Method: Deploy single-node Openstack with devstack using proposed code change: devstack-gate + tempest. Use either full tempest test suite, unit or custom intel-nfv-ci-tests (https://github.com/openstack/intel-nfv-ci-tests). Recheck comment: intel-nfv-ci recheck.
OpenStack Programs: Neutron, Nova, OVS-DPDK, ODL, devstack, devstack-gate, Tempest
Current Status: The ci is currently broken due to issue caused by a miss-configured firewall in the hosting data center. ssh has been whitelisted in the firewall again and the ci can now connect to gerrit and trigger jobs but other issues are causing it to fail such as not uploading logs. The ci will be placed into silent mode until this is resolved to avoid spamming the reviews. The patchsets for stable/newton branch have problem related to https://bugs.launchpad.net/devstack/+bug/1667545; test_hugepage_backed_instance testcase is temporarily removed from the list in tempest-dsvm-intel-nfv-xenial