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{{ThirdPartySystemInfo|name=Intel NFV CI
|contact=Zetik, RadekX <radekx.zetik@intel.com>, Ptacek, MichalX <michalx.ptacek@intel.com>, Waldemar Znoinski <waldemar.znoinski@intel.com>, <openstack-nfv-ci@intel.com>
|intent=test OVS-DPDK + NFV features (NUMA, Huge Page and CPU pinning support etc.) scenario and api networking tempest tests on changes to Nova, Neutron and networking-ovs-dpdk projects, test TEMPEST_FULL test suite with NFV-enabled flavors on changes to Nova project, test intel-nfv-ci-tests on changes to Nova and intel-nfv-ci-tests projects, test OVS-DPDK+ODL on changes to Neutron, networking-odl and Devstack projects
|structure=Zuul, Gearman, Jenkins, Nodepool, Openstack Cloud stable/mitaka, KVM/QEMU Virtual Machines
|method=Deploy single-node Openstack with devstack using proposed code change: devstack-gate + tempest. Use either full tempest test suite, unit or custom intel-nfv-ci-tests (https://github.com/openstack/intel-nfv-ci-tests). Recheck comment: intel-nfv-ci recheck.
|programs=Neutron, Nova, OVS-DPDK, ODL, devstack, devstack-gate, Tempest
|status=testing, non-voting}}

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