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ThirdPartySystems/IBM SDN-VE CI

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3rd party system: IBM SDN-VE CI System
Gerrit Account: ibmsdnve
Contact Information: email : ibmsdnve@us.ibm.com ; Daya Kamath daya_k@yahoo.com
Intent: to test all neutron changes against the IBM SDN-VE Neutron plugin, and IBM SDN-VE Controller
Structure: Triggered by Gerrit, managed by Zuul, 3rd party CI setup, running a subset of neutron tempest tests (JJB)
Method: fetch and merge the patch, build devstack with IBM SDN-VE plugin, connect to IBM SDN-VE Controller, run tempest tests (neutron subset only)
OpenStack Programs: IBM SDN-VE plugin
Current Status: non-voting, +1 on success, 0 on failure, currently waiting to be enabled after logging fixes