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'''Cinder''': jsbryant@us.ibm.com
'''Cinder''': jsbryant@us.ibm.com
'''Glance''': whaom@cn.ibm.com
'''Heat''': xjunlin@cn.ibm.com
'''Heat''': xjunlin@cn.ibm.com

Latest revision as of 03:02, 4 November 2015


IBM DB2 CI is a continuous integration for OpenStack running on DB2 backend. With a pipeline, DB2 CI listens to newly created patch sets on review.openstack.org and runs the Tempest test suites on the patch.

In the case of sqlalchemy-migrate, py26 and py27 unit tests are also run.

Current Status

a. Jobs

Enabled and published: Cinder, Neutron

Enabled, not published: Keystone (Reason: needs community's review and agreement.)

b. Infrastructure

For now, we have 30 slaves online for testing. Because we are sharing a Cloud with other users, we sometimes may face environment issues, with each time, we will recheck the CI test to avoid annoying results published.

Triggering Methods

The DB2 CI can be triggered by newly-uploaded patch set, or by leaving a commnand "recheck db2-test" in comments.

Excluded Tests

A small handful of Tempest tests are excluded from run because there are known issues or a specific feature may not be implemented. Information about these tests can be found here.

Issue Tracker

If you got any issues of this IBM DB2 CI, please contact following contacts:

Nova: mriedem@us.ibm.com

Ironic: whaom@cn.ibm.com

Keystone: bknudson@us.ibm.com

Neutron: jckasper@us.ibm.com

Cinder: jsbryant@us.ibm.com

Heat: xjunlin@cn.ibm.com