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3rd party system: IBM KVM on Power CI
Gerrit Account: powerkvm
Contact Information: Michael Turek (mjturek@us.ibm.com)
Intent: Ensure that OpenStack will run properly on IBM Power scale-out systems (ppc64)
Structure: Nodepool, Zuul, Jenkins, fully upstream components with local configuration
Method: Using Zuul to connect to Gerrit
OpenStack Programs: Nova, DevStack (voting). Additional projects are tested, see https://dal05.objectstorage.softlayer.net/v1/AUTH_3d8e6ecb-f597-448c-8ec2-164e9f710dd6/pkvmci/index.html
Current Status: See the wiki for current status, a history of service outage, and more details: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/PowerKVM