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ThirdPartySystems/HPE Proliant iLO drivers CI

3rd party system: HPE Proliant iLO drivers CI
Gerrit Account: deray
Contact Information: ilo_drivers@groups.ext.hpe.com, irc: deray
Intent: Test basic deploy for iscsi_ilo and agent_ilo drivers with Openstack Ironic on HPE Proliant Gen8/Gen9 machines.
Structure: Zuul, Jenkins, devstack, tempest, customized version of devstack-gate (https://github.com/hpproliant/devstack-gate)
Method: At present, as part of the CI setup only 1 job (out of 2 planned) has been created as following:


  • An HPE DL320e Gen8 machine has been configured to act as the bare metal system for this job.
  • Using Zuul to intercept Gerrit event stream.
  • Each test run uses a fresh devstack.
  • test_baremetal_server_ops is the tempest scenario test which gets run as part of this and it tests the basic provisioning on the bare metal system so configured.


Currently this job creation is in progress and this will be fired on an HPE Proliant Gen9 machine.
OpenStack Programs: following services enabled in devstack: nova (by default), neutron, swift, ironic and tempest
Current Status: enabled, non-voting. Please see here for a detailed description and status.

Recheck trigger: "run ilo-driver-ci tests"