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ThirdPartySystems/HGST Solutions CI

3rd party system: HGST Solutions CI
Gerrit Account: hgst-solutions-ci
Contact Information: Earle F. Philhower, III <earle.philhower.iii@hgst.com>
Intent: CI system running HGST Flash Software Suite to verify OpenStack Cinder and OS-Brick.
Structure: OpenStack Kilo 1-node box under Ubuntu 15.04, 32 cores, 32GB DRAM, 550GB SSD for Nova instances. Four concurrent tests supported at a time.
Method: Standard os-ext-testing setup courtesy of rasselin. VMs start up, create a loopback SSD inside them, the HGST driver software is installed, devstack-gate run using TEMPEST_DRIVER=hgst, regex="volume" and appropriate options.
OpenStack Programs: Cinder (Nova and OS-Brick required for some testing, of course)
Current Status: 6/26: Moving to a new host to fix the networking hiccups. Hope to be testing w/silent for the weekend to ensure we're back up and running. 6/19: Tracking down some intermittent Jenkins networking problems, resulting in slaves disappearing in mid-run.