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ThirdPartySystems/HGST Solutions CI

3rd party system: HGST Solutions CI
Gerrit Account: hgst-solutions-ci
Contact Information: Earle F. Philhower, III <earle.philhower.iii@hgst.com>
Intent: CI system running HGST Flash Software Suite to verify OpenStack Cinder and OS-Brick.
Structure: OpenStack Mitaka 1-node box under Ubuntu 16.04, 32 cores, 32GB DRAM, 550GB FlashMAX II SSD for Nova instances. Tempest concurrency of 3.
Method: Standard os-ext-testing setup courtesy of rasselin. VMs start up, create a loopback SSD inside them, the HGST driver software is installed, devstack-gate run using TEMPEST_DRIVER=hgst, regex="volume" and appropriate options.
OpenStack Programs: Cinder (Nova and OS-Brick required for some testing, of course)
Current Status:
5/13/2016 - Some more network rework being done, the server will be offline for a few days until we get the new vlans all steeled.
05/09/2016 - After much nova database hacking and config file changes, networking restored under new hostname/domain/ip and reconnected to review.openstack.org.
05/06/2016 - We're redoing all the network addresses, routing tables, and VLANS in the lab this and next week, so reporting will be disabled until we get OpenStack back and happy with the new configuration.
05/03/2016 - Upgraded host to Ubuntu 16.04 and Mitaka OpenStack release.

Recheck Trigger="rerun-HGST" (no quotes)