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{{ThirdPartySystemInfo|name=Fujitsu iRMC Driver
{{ThirdPartySystemInfo|name=Fujitsu iRMC CI
|contact=fj-lsoft-irmcci@dl.jp.fujitsu.com<br />
|contact=fj-lsoft-irmcci@dl.jp.fujitsu.com<br />

Revision as of 00:05, 16 December 2016

3rd party system: Fujitsu iRMC CI
Gerrit Account: Fujitsu_iRMC_CI
Contact Information: fj-lsoft-irmcci@dl.jp.fujitsu.com
maintainer(s) in the above Mail-list: Isao, Watanabe; Naohiro, Tamura.
Intent: Ensure that OpenStack will run properly with Fujitsu iRMC Driver
Structure: Nodepool, Zuul, Jenkins, fully upstream components with local configuration, Tempest, Devstack
Method: Using Zuul to connect to Gerrit
OpenStack Programs: Ironic
Current Status: testing in ci-sandbox

Recheck trigger: "fujitsu-irmc-recheck" and "recheck"

Patches we are not testing:

         - ^.*\.rst$
         - ^api-ref/.*$
         - ^doc/.*$
         - ^ironic/locale/.*$
         - ^ironic/tests/.*$
         - ^releasenotes/.*$
         - ^tools/.*$
         - ^tox.ini$

Maintenance plan: "10/26 0:00am - 10/26 9:00am(UTC)"
Sorry for inconvenience.

Other Fujitsu CI systems:

  • Fujitsu ETERNUS CI


  • Fujitsu C-Fabric CI


  • Fujitsu ISM CI