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{{ThirdPartySystemInfo|name=Fujitsu Eternus DX Cinder FC Driver
|contact=lsoft-openstackci@ml.css.fujitsu.com<br />
maintainer(s) in the above Mail-list: Isao, watanabe.
|intent=Ensure that OpenStack will run properly with Fujitsu Eternus DX Cinder FC Driver
|structure=Nodepool, Zuul, Jenkins, fully upstream components with local configuration, Tempest, Devstack
|method=Using Zuul to connect to Gerrit
|status=building, non-voting}}
'''Recheck trigger:''' "run Fujitsu ETERNUS FC CI"<br />
'''Maintenance plan:''' "3/9 AM 0:00 - 9:00(UTC)"<br />
'''Maintenance plan:''' "3/14 AM 1:00 - 2:00(UTC)"<br />
Sorry for inconvenience.
'''Other Fujitsu CI systems:'''
* Fujitsu ETERNUS CI
* Fujitsu C-Fabric CI
* Fujitsu iRMC CI

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