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{{ThirdPartySystemInfo|name=Cisco Neutron CI
|contact=cisco-openstack-neutron-ci@cisco.com, Dane LeBlanc <leblancd@cisco.com> (dane_leblanc), Nikolay Fedotov <nfedotov@cisco.com>
|intent=Test Cisco ML2 Nexus plugin (ml2_nexus), APIC plugin (apic), N1KV plugin (n1kv_neutron), Dynamic Fabric Automation plugin (dfa), and Cisco VPNaaS driver (vpnaas)
|structure=Zuul, Gearman, Nodepool, Jenkins, DevStack, Tempest
|method=Use Zuul to trigger on Neutron commits, trigger Jenkins job to run DevStack, then Tempest network API and basic scenario tests.
|status=testing, non-voting}}

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