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ThirdPartySystems/Big Switch CI

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3rd party system: Big Switch CI
Gerrit Account: Big Switch CI <openstack-ci@bigswitch.com>
Contact Information: email openstack-ci@bigswitch.com or ping Kevin Benton <kevinbenton> on IRC
Intent: Test neutron changes with tempest using the Big Switch ML2 driver and core Big Switch plugin
Structure: Jenkins to receive gerrit events, Bash scripts to trigger tests based on gerrit events, Devstack to setup OpenStack environments, Tempest to test, more bash scripts to analyze failures to determine if infrastructure related or patch related and to vote
Method: Each patch launches 2 VMs for each job. One for devstack and one for the controller. After tempest tests are completed, logs are copied from the devstack VM and both VMs are destroyed.
OpenStack Programs: Neutron
Current Status: production, voting