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Third Party CI Systems

3rd Party CI Systems
Name Link
A10 Networks CI A10 Networks CI
Arista-CI Arista-CI
Big Switch CI Big Switch CI
Cisco Neutron CI Cisco Neutron CI
emc-vnx-ci emc-vnx-ci
HP Storage CI HP Storage CI
Intel-PCI-CI Intel-PCI-CI
murano-ci murano-ci
DB Datasets CI DB Datasets CI
Freescale CI Freescale CI
Metaplugin CI Metaplugin CI
RedHat CI RedHat CI
One Convergence CI One Convergence CI
Midokura CI Midokura CI
Example Example

Instructions on how to add a new system to the above table:

  • Add an entry in the above table: {{ThirdPartySystemTableEntry|Example}} where Example is the name of your system
  • Save the page and click on the link to the new page
  • Select the "edit the page" option and paste {{subst:ThirdPartySystemInfoSubst}} into your new page and then save it. This will expand to a table. Edit the table replacing the placeholder values with the correct values for your system