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Third Party CI Working Group Mission Statement

The Third Party CI working group is a grass-roots effort focused on cross-project technical issues and development needed to make it easier for downstream OpenStack CI operators to deploy, customize and operate CI for their platform or project driver. If you are operating a third party CI system, come join us and help us make it easier to deploy, operate and maintain.

  • Drive the maintenance and improvement of requirements and deployment documentation
  • Work closely with the Infrastructure team to improve consumability of CI components, this can include refactoring code, documentation patches, and reviewing patchsets
  • Work closely with OpenStack projects that require third party testing in order to improve the quality of the projects code
  • Provide a forum for Third Party CI operators to share best-practices and tools

Technical Team Meetings

The working group meets every other Tuesday, 1700UTC in #openstack-meeting.

Development Priorities

Highlighting Third Party CI Systems

Every few weeks we schedule a Third Party CI team to come to a work group meeting and share details about their environment, how they overcame challenges they found, and tools they created to help them maintain their system. If you would like to get on the schedule to talk about your CI system, contact one of the work group chairs to be put on the agenda.

Past Highlighted CI Systems Presentations

Third Party CI System Tools Repository