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  • Code:
{{ThirdPartySystemInfo|name=Name of 3rd Party System
|account=gerrit Account|contact=Contact information
|intent=Description of intent
|structure=List the tooling you are using
|method=What are you actually doing?
|programs=OpenStack Programs you target
  • Description: Use this template to create a table with all information about 3rd party systems. Do not edit this template. If you have questions about the content of this template ask Anita Kuno in the Infra Team.

3rd party system: Name of 3rd Party System
Gerrit Account: gerrit Account
Contact Information: info@3rdparty.org
Intent: to ensure our driver is functional
Structure: jenkins with the gerrit plugin
Method: running tempest tests on a unique vm for every test run
OpenStack Programs: nova, neutron
Current Status: testing, non-voting