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  • Code:
{{ProgramsThirdParty|name=Codename of OpenStack Program
|mission=Program Mission Statement
|irc=IRC Channel Name
|relationship=Program Relationship with Third Party
|quantity=How many Third Party entities interact with your Program (order of magnitude number is fine)?
|deadlines=What deadlines are set for your Program?
|deprecation=Any drivers/plugins heading for deprecation? If yes, please list them.
|requirements=link to Third Party requirements: http://ci.openstack.org/third_party.html
|meetings=links to meetings for your Program, Infra, QA, TC, Project and Third Party}}
  • Description: Use this template to create a table with all information about 3rd party systems

OpenStack Program Codename Codename of OpenStack Program
Mission Statement Link: to test all the things
IRC Channel Name: freenode network, #openstack-foo
Relationship: to work with many different third party interests in an consistent fashion
Quantity: 45
Deadlines: accounts in place by Juno-1, activity in openstack-dev/sandbox by Juno-2, returning consistent test logs by Juno-3
Deprecation: Untested Driver and Noone-Takes-Care-Of-This Plugin are headed for deprecation, please contact us to avoid this
Requirements: http://ci.openstack.org/third_party.html
Recommended Meetings: link to meetings