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Title of the idea


Difficulty {{{DIFFICULTY}}}
Topics {{{TOPICS}}}
Required skills {{{SKILLS}}}
Extra skills {{{EXTRA}}}
Mentor {{{MENTOR}}}


Use this template to create ideas for internships. To use this template create a new page, give it as title the name of your idea and insert the code below, substituting where appropriate.

{{TITLE=My Awesome Internship Idea| DESCRIPTION=A brief description of this idea, one line would be enough | DIFFICULTY=High, Medium, Low (judge if the idea can be accomplished by a totally new developer or someone already skilled in OpenStack or distributed systems)| TOPICS=Comma separated list of topics, like the OpenStack projects involved| SKILLS=List of required programming skills, like Python, Java, AngularJS| EXTRA_SKILLS=State if the candidate needs to have other skills like networking or master special tools| MENTORS=Add the details to contact the mentor(s) for this idea }}