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Add your name here if you're joining the meetings of the Telco Working Group - IRC nicknames are pretty anonymous unless you give us a clue! Please keep the list in alphabetical order by IRC nick.

Nickname Full Name Company affiliation Interests
adrian-hoban Adrian Hoban Intel OpenStack team NFV & SDN extensions across OpenStack projects
akhila-chetlapalle Akhila Chetlapalle TCS Openstack Team NFV & SDN Test Framework with Openstack
alank35 Alan Kavanagh Ericsson Inc NFV & SDN & Neutron and ODL
aleksandr_null Aleksandr Shaposhnikov Mirantis Inc NFV, SDN, Core Networking, Neutron, Virtualization, Storage
Ali_Kafel Ali Kafel Stratus Technologies State-full OpenStack, Cloud Orchestration with High Availability and Fault Tolerance for NFV / SDN
amitry Andrew Mitry Comcast Telco, Service Provider, NFV, Openstack
andrews Andrew Sergeev ADVA Optical Networking NFV, Openstack
andrewv Andrew Veitch BTI Systems NFV, SDN, Openstack
angelomatarazzo Angelo Matarazzo DEK Technologies Nova, Neutron, Openstack
armax Armando Migliaccio HP Neutron, NFV, SDN
arosen Aaron Rosen nicira/vmware Automation, SDN/Neutron/NFV, Openstack
Arun_Aruchamy Arun Aruchamy TechMahindra Ltd - NTS NFV / Control plane / Openstack / KVM / VMware Testing
arturt Artur Tyloch Canonical NFV, Orchestration, SDN
atylee Andy Tylee Metaswitch Networks NFV, SR-IOV, data plane acceleration, orchestration
balajip Balaji Padnala Freescale OpenStack Team NFV, SDN, SRIOV, Libvirt, Neutron, Nova, Service VMs and Service Chaining
Balmeri Iain Balmer EMC SDN, Neutron, NFV, Openstack
banix Mohammad Banikazemi IBM NFV, SDN, Neutron, OpenStack
bauzas Sylvain Bauza Red Hat SLA and Scheduling in Nova
bertys Bertrand Souville DOCOMO Euro-Labs NFV, SDN, OpenStack
bfcohen Beth Cohen Verizon NFV, SDN, OpenStack, Neutron
cdub Chris Wright Red Hat NFV and SDN work between OpenStack and OpenDaylight
cgoncalves Carlos Goncalves NEC Europe Ltd. Fault management, Service Function Chaining, Traffic Steering
choonho Choonho Son Samsung KVM, OpenStack & DPDK
cliljenstolpe Christopher Liljenstolpe Metaswitch Networks Neutron, orchestration, network architecture
cloudon Calum Loudon Metaswitch Networks Neutron, data plane acceleration, orchestration
ctlmcb Kevin McBride CenturyLink OpenStack for NFV, SDN tech, Programmable Hardware/integrated circuits, etc.
dandrushko Dmitriy Andrushko Mirantis SDN, NFV, OpenDaylight, network architecture
danpb Daniel Berrange Red Hat Libvirt, KVM & Nova performance & enablement for NFV
DaSchab Daniel Schabarum Deutsche Telekom OpenStack, Orchestration, NFV
davej Dave Johnston Openwave Mobility NFV on Openstack for the Telco industry
davidmck David McKinley Oracle OpenStack support for NFV
dgollub Daniel Gollub Brocade Open Source NFV orchestration platform for multi-vendors' VNF solutions
diga Digambar Patil Persistent System Ltd. Neutron, Nova, SDN, NFV
djhunt Jason Hunt IBM Orchestration, SDN, NFV
dmitry_huawei Dmitry Meytin Huawei MANO integration with OpenStack
DonBowman Don Bowman Sandvine OpenStack support for NFV
eranb Eran Bello ASOCS NFV compute and accelerator resources integration with OpenStack
fawadkhaliq Fawad Khaliq PLUMgrid Inc SDN/Neutron, NFV, OpenStack
fjramons Francisco-Javier Ramon Salguero Telefonica Libvirt, KVM & Nova performance & enablement for NFV
gieMntl Giuseppe Monteleone Italtel NFV and SDN
ggarcia Gerardo Garcia Telefonica Libvirt, KVM & Nova performance & enablement for NFV
gc4rella Giuseppe Carella Fraunhofer FOKUS NFV MANO, Service Function Chaining, SDN
greg-waines Greg Waines Wind River Openstack, NFV, Networking, NFV MANO
gxilouris George Xylouris NCSR Demokritos NFV MANO, Neutron-ODL integration, SFC
heyongli Yongli He Intel Openstack team nova enabling NFV SRIOV PCI passthrough
HiteshW Hitesh Wadekar Graduate Student at Clarkson University SDN/Neutron/NFV, Openstack
ian_ott Ian Jolliffe Wind River Openstack, NFV, Networking
iben Iben Rodriguez Spirent Openstack, NFV, Networking, SDN <-- automated testing platform
ijw Ian Wells Cisco's Openstack team Vendor neutral NFV infrastructure, Cisco NFV appliances
imendel Itai Mendelsohn Alcatel-Lucent NFV in general and how OpenStack can enable it
irenab Irena Berezovsky Mellanox NFV, SDN, NFV SRIOV PCI passthrough
jay-s-b Jay Beltur HP Neutron, SDN, NFV
JeremyLiu Jeremy Liu Huawei NFV & OpenStack
jjstevensjj Joe Stevens HP Helion NFV & Neutron
jmsoares Joao Soares Portugal Telecom Service Function Chaining, Traffic Steering
JunNakajima Jun Nakajima Intel KVM, NFV
kalyan Kalyanjeet Gogoi Juniper Networks NFV integration with OpenStack
kranthi Kranthi Molleti Tech Mahindra Neutron, NFV and Virtual Networking
KyleMacDonald Kyle MacDonald OpenNile NFV / OpenStack / Carrier & Telco Deployment
LouisF Louis Fourie Huawei NFV-MANO, Service Function chaining, Traffic steering
lukego Luke Gorrie Snabb Making open source NFV work for Deutsche Telekom's TeraStream project
malini1 Malini Bhandaru Intel NFV, Adv. Service VMs, compute node capabilities, security
margaretc Margaret Chiosi AT&T NFV, SDN, OPNFV, ODL, ONOS
martin_t Martin Taylor Metaswitch Networks Neutron networking and data plane acceleration
matrohon Mathieu Rohon Orange NFV, SDN, Neutron
mjbright Mike Bright HP Openstack, NFV/SDN
mkashyap Madhu Kashyap Brocade OpenStack, NFV / SDN
mkoderer Marc Koderer Deutsche Telekom OpenStack, Orchestration, QA
mpaolino Michele Paolino Virtual Open Systems ARM, KVM, libvirt, Nova and Neutron
mpetrus Margaret Petrus VMware NFV-MANO, OpenStack for Service Orchestration
natarajk Karthik Natarajan Brocade NFV integration with OpenStack
nbal Nuri Bal Cyan OpenStack support of NFV, MANO in particular
nbouthors Nicolas Bouthors Qosmos Service Chaining, Classifier VNFC
nijaba Nick Barcet eNovance NFV support on OpenStack
nnikolaev Nikolay Nikolaev Virtual Open Systems vhost-user maintainer, Snabbswitch, Nova and Neutron
nyechiel Nir Yechiel Red Hat SDN and NFV enablement in OpenStack Neutron
pals Palani Chinnakannan Cisco Systems Inc NFV, Orchestration, Networking
paul Paul Liu Ericsson SDN and NFV, Orchestration, Networking
prabhu-nk Prabhuling Kalyani Global Edge NFV, Service Chaining
pgpus Prakash Ramchandran Futurewei Technologies Architecture,OpenStack, Orchestration, NFV, SDN, 3GPP
PushkarU Pushkar Umaranikar Graduate student at San Jose State University SDN/Neutron/NFV, Openstack
radek Radoslaw Smigielski Alcatel-Lucent OpenStack+NFV, SR-IOV, PCI passthrough, KVM performance
Rajesh R HP NFV MANO and Helion
ralft Ralf Trezeciak Deutsche Telekom DC Networking, SDN/NFV, OpenStack
ravirik Ravi Virik AT&T Neutron and Flowspace for NFV
r-mibu Ryota Mibu NEC Nova enhancement for NFV
ricky.bo ricky.bo Huawei Help better support NFV
rohit404 Rohit Agarwalla Cisco's OpenStack team OpenStack+NFV
rseth Rajeev Seth Sonus Networks NFV integration with OpenStack
runarut Larry Pearson AT&T OpenStack as NFVI, VNF Service Chaining
russellb Russell Bryant Project: OpenStack TC, Nova. Corporate: Red Hat Nova. Ensuring requirements and designs are consumable by OpenStack developers. Reviewing designs and implementations.
timmer Tim Reddin HP Cloud NFV, Kernel , OpenStack
s3wong Stephen Wong Midokura NFV support on OpenStack
safchain Sylvain Afchain eNovance NFV, SDN, Neutron
sasud S Sud Intel NFV and SDN use case PoCs
sean-k-mooney Sean Mooney Intel OpenStack team NFV & SDN enabling
sgordon Steve Gordon Red Hat NFV and SDN enablement across OpenStack projects but particularly Nova and the Libvirt driver.
shane-wang Shane Wang Intel NFV support on OpenStack, VM QoS in Nova, PCI/SR-IOV support
smazziotta Sandro Mazziotta eNovance OpenStack extensions required to meet NFV requirements
SridharRamaswamy Sridhar Ramaswamy Brocade NFV, ServiceVM extensions to OpenStack, OS - ODL integrarion
tapiotallgren Tapio Tallgren Nokia Networks OpenStack enhancements for NFV
kimi-zhangkai Kimi Zhang Nokia Networks OpenStack enhancements for NFV, VNF Orchestration, Cloud Infra management
tcroteau Tammy Croteau HP Cloud Neutron and NFV
thomnico Nicolas Thomas Canonical Allowing OpenStack to be gradually used in NFV type of deployments ETSI NFV IG participant.
tidwellr Ryan Tidwell HP NFV, Neutron, SDN
Torsten Torsten Bottjer Swisscom Orchestrating VNFs on Openstack
tvvcox Tomas Von Veschler Red Hat Openstack enablement for NFVi and VIM
ulikleber Ulrich Kleber Huawei Help better support NFV
vikasd Vikas Deolaliker ... NFV & SDN extenstions across Openstack projects
vpandari Vinod Pandarinathan Cisco Systems NFV Framework, Service Chaining and Neutron
vjardin Vincent JARDIN 6WIND Help using DPDK applications efficiently and ivshmem to start with (memnic)
Venkatesh Venkatesh Wipro Technologies NFV & SDN extenstions across Openstack projects
wenjing Wenjing Chu Dell NFV, Openstack for NFV, OPNFV
yamahata Isaku Yamahata Intel Neutron, servicevm, service chaining, traffic steering
yjiang5 Yunhong Jiang Intel Nova enablement for NFV
ybabenko Yuriy Babenko Deutsche Telekom OpenStack for NFV, SDN, networking
yukiarbel Yuki Arbel Alcatel Lucent NFV, Openstack for NFV
zeddii Bruce Ashfield Wind River KVM, libvirt, nova and platform awareness for NFV
zhyu Yu Zhang Huawei OpenStack enhancement for enabling NFV
zhipengh Zhipeng Huang Huawei OpenStack enhancement for enabling NFV
zuqiang Zu Qiang Ericsson NFV support in OpenStack
dreineck Donna Reineck VMware OpenStack for NFV
gyjung Peter Jung Red Hat Neutron, OpenDaylight, SRIOV and NFV