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Technical Committee Tracker

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The OpenStack Technical Committee is one of the governing bodies of the OpenStack project. You can find more information about it, such as the list of its current members or its governance charter, on the OpenStack TC governance website at https://governance.openstack.org/tc/ .

This page tracks the various governance changes being proposed and the various initiatives the Technical Committee is pursuing. We hold office hours at various times during the week on the #openstack-tc IRC channel. Conversation starters for the office hours are here.

Other tasks can be found in the storyboard project.

Status last updated: 2018/11/27

Project team changes

Documentation Changes

Other Initiatives

Correction to TC member election section of bylaws

Drivers: fungi, dhellmann

Status: On hold until the next Foundation vote

This was discussed in the joint leadership meeting in Vancouver. The change requires a member vote, and the Board passed a resolution allowing the Foundation Secretary to propose the bylaws change as part of the next Board election (early 2019). We anticipate other bylaws changes at the same time.

Section 3.b.i reads "An Individual Member is an ATC who has..." but should read "An ATC is an Individual Member who has…"

Technical Vision for OpenStack

Drivers: zaneb, ttx, cdent

Status: Under dicussion

Zane offered to start creating a "technical vision" for OpenStack to help clarify the boundary for where projects fit into OpenStack and where they may not.


tags indicating the upgrade support in deployment tools

Drivers: ttx

Status: New

During the FFU session at the Rocky Forum, Dan Smith and David Medberry indicated interest in defining tags to describe what upgrade features deployment tools have.


Reviewing the TC Vision

Drivers: ttx, TheJulia, cdent Status: In progress

Retrospective done in Berlin. Work on a "role of the TC" living document as the next step


Reviewing TC Office Hour Times and Locations

Drivers: dhellmann

Status: New

During the retrospective at the Rocky Forum we talked about changing our office hour times or using different tools to make them more accessible.

2018-09-09 - chair to raise this question with the TC after the election completes


Actively Monitoring Teams

Drivers: dhellmann

Status: In process

During the retrospective at the Rocky Forum we discussed more actively engaging with project teams and SIGs to anticipate issues we can help resolve.


Clarifying Requirements for PTL Contact Details


Monty pointed out that we have a general community expectation that leaders are visible via IRC. That may not always be the case for some corners of our community, however. We need to decide whether we want to require IRC nicks for PTL candidates, whether we want to include other forms of contact for other chat platforms (optionally?), etc. and write a resolution so the election official have clear guidance.

2018-09-09 - need to figure out how to ask PTLs for a primary means of contact without dictating a specific means and without opening ourselves up to having to sign on to every new chat tool

Status: New


Tracking OpenStack team health

See OpenStack_health_tracker for liaison assignment and status updates.

Recently completed things