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Talk:How To Use The Wiki

Revision as of 09:36, 11 June 2020 by ThierryCarrez (talk | contribs)

I'm posting to this page discussion because the Main Page is protected.

From the Main Page, how does one navigate to the actual wiki content? For example, from the Main Page, when I search "Docker", I find the page I am looking for:https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Docker

But from the Main Page, where can I find a link to a list of articles, or a table of contents?

Answer: The wiki does not contain reference content (like docs.openstack.org or governance.openstack.org). There is no guarantee that the content will be current or correct, as anybody can create a wiki page here. So we only list a limited number of pages on the main page that are kept up to date and regularly checked for correctness. The rest of the content can be found through links from other documentation, or searches.