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Talk:Calvin, Developer & Cloud User, CNBB Securities

Calvin Back to Calvin, Lead Developer/Cloud user

[lblanchard 7-29-2014]

1) Would it be possible to add in some of the common tasks that Calvin would do in his 10 minutes of using Horizon? Is he spinning up instances? Uploading files? Looking at the overview page to see how his instances are running? I think this would be nice when designing features specifically for this developer/cloud user role.

2) Should we make it clear that when we say that Calvin is a developer he IS NOT a developer for OpenStack? Is this the intention? If not, I don’t think we should lump the Cloud user with the OpenStack developer. Based on interviews, these two roles are very different with respect to how they are involved/use OpenStack.

3) Would Calvin even touch the Networking pieces in Horizon? I’ve questioned whether this is something we should be exposing to our Cloud users, so while I agree it would be very confusing to Calvin, I’m not sure this information is relevant to a persona.