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Talk:CNBB Securities Comany Overview

Revision as of 19:09, 29 July 2014 by Liz Blanchard (talk | contribs)

[lblanchard 7-29-2014] Thanks for taking the time to write these draft personas up! I have a few comments that I was hoping we could address for the final versions. I'll add some overall comments here and then additional comments specific to each persona on the personas pages...

1) I feel like by all of these personas focused on one company (CNBB Securities), we are missing out on the range of data we got from the interviews with folks at small, medium, and large companies. Would it be possible to have a range within the three personas?

2) We are missing the data we captured around some companies wanting to stay up to date with the latest and greatest releases of OpenStack and some hanging back on “stable” versions. Can we capture this somehow?

3) There are companies who are using OpenStack in production and I think we need to represent a user who works in one of those companies. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the IT Director, but I don’t think we are doing all of the early adopters justice in this case. We should be highlighting the things that work well and why they use OpenStack today so that as we design we can keep these things in mind as we evolve and keep adding features.