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Tacker Installation Guide

1) Pull devstack repo for stable kilo branch

git clone -b stable/kilo https://github.com/openstack-dev/devstack

3) A sample local.conf is placed at https://github.com/stackforge/tacker/blob/master/devstack/samples/local.conf.example. Copy the local.conf to devstack root directory and customize it based on your environment settings. Update the HOST_IP to the IP address of VM or host where you are running tacker.

Note 1: Ensure local.conf file has the "enable_plugin tacker" line.

Note 2: For running tacker service with devstack on physical hosts, a small mysql backport fix is required. To fix copy the local.sh script from https://github.com/stackforge/tacker/blob/master/devstack/samples/local.sh.mysql_fix to devstack root directory as local.sh file. This fix is required only if you are running devstack Kilo release and not master.

4) Run stack.sh

Tacker Usage Guide

1) Sample TOSCA YAML files are placed in https://github.com/stackforge/tacker/tree/master/devstack/samples. A simple set of vnfd-create, vnf-create and vnf-update commands are shown below.

tacker vnfd-create --name ${VNFD_NAME} --vnfd "${VNFD_TOSCA_YAML}

tacker vnf-create --name vnf-name --vnfd-id ${VNFD_ID}

tacker vnf-update --config "${CONFIG_DATA_YAML} ${VNFD_ID}

2) If command-line tacker works fine, try out Tacker using Horizon (NFV left menu entry)