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Tacker Installation Guide

1) Pull Tacker devstack repo

git clone -b tacker-devstack https://github.com/srics/devstack

Note: This will be transitioned to a devstack plugin within tacker repo

2) Pre Installation steps

   Create mgmt provider network L2 bridge,
   sudo ovs-vsctl add-br br-mgmt0

3) Tacker devstack local.conf

* Refer to this sample local.conf  https://github.com/srics/devstack/blob/tacker-devstack/sample.local.conf
* Make sure you set appropriate phynet / bridge-mapping for br-mgmt0 in the neutron.conf ML2 configuration section

4) Run stack.sh

5) Post Installation steps

  Once successfully stacked up run sample tacker setup script at https://github.com/srics/devstack/blob/tacker-devstack/sample.tacker-setup.sh .  This script will configure br-mgmt0 and  the required neutron networks (including the neutron provider network mapped to br-mgmt0)

Tacker Horizon Installation Guide

This is to be done after successfully installation Tacker as mentioned above

1) Pull Tacker Horizon repo from,

git clone https://github.com/stackforge/tacker-horizon

Follow the README.md instruction to install it on top of horizon (say in /opt/stack/horizon)

Note: once tacker devstack patch is integrated tacker-horizon will be automatically installed when tacker is enabled in devstack

Tacker Usage Guide

1) Follow the examples in tacker-vnf.sh exercise file to try out tacker commands,


tacker vnfd-create --name ${VNFD_NAME} --vnfd "${VNFD_TOSCA_YAML}

tacker vnf-create --name vnf-name --vnfd-id ${VNFD_ID}

tacker vnf-update --config "${CONFIG_DATA_YAML} ${VNFD_ID}

2) If command-line tacker works fine, try out Tacker using Horizon (NFV left menu entry)