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Service VM Dependencies

This page tracks the list of dependencies of the Service VM/Tacker project on other Openstack projects.

Active Blueprints

Topic Blueprint(s) Design(s) Patch Notes
VLAN Trunking
  • API Extension for l2-gateway #100278
  • Service API for L2 bridging tenants/provider networks #93613
  • VLAN aware VMs #94612
  • VLAN trunking networks for NFV #97714
Port security None

Wish List

Topic Description Use case Blueprint Comment
Unaddressed port Allow port creation without IP/MAC address A FW that is deployed in bump-in-the-wire or tap mode(no ip address, no mac address). None None
Port without subnet Port that isn't attached to any subnet. This port does not have an IP address TBD? None None
Shared mac/IP address share a (virtual) mac/IP address by multiple service VM instances or even the two ports on the same VM TBD? None None
Unplugged port Allow port creation without associating any network/subnetwork. Allow VM creation with such port. And later that port could be pluged into network/subnet and given IP address TBD? None None