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TC Elections October 2014

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TC Elections October 2014


  • Anita Kuno (anteaya) anteaya at anteaya dot info
  • Tristan Cacqueray (tristanC) tristan dot cacqueray at enovance dot com

Election System

Elections will be held using CIVS and a Condorcet algorithm (Schulze/Beatpath/CSSD variant). Any tie will be broken using Governance/TieBreaking.


  • October 3 - October 10, 05:59 UTC: Open candidacy for TC positions
  • October 10 - October 17: TC elections

Elected Positions

Under the rules of the TC charter, we need to renew 6 TC seats for this election. Seats are valid for one-year terms.

  • Technical Committee member - 6 positions


The electorate for this election are the Foundation individual members that are also committers for one of the official programs projects over the Icehouse-Juno timeframe (September 26, 2013 06:00 UTC to September 26, 2014 05:59 UTC).

The electorate is requested to confirm their email address in gerrit, review.openstack.org > Settings > Contact Information > Preferred Email, prior to September 26, 2014 05:59 UTC so that the emailed ballots are mailed to the correct email address.

There is a resolution to the governance repo that all of the electorate is expected to follow: http://git.openstack.org/cgit/openstack/governance/tree/resolutions/20140711-election-activities.rst.


Any member of an election electorate can propose their candidacy for the same election (except the seven TC members who were elected for a one-year seat last April: Thierry Carrez, Jay Pipes, Vishvananda Ishaya, Michael Still, Jim Blair, Mark McClain, Devananda van der Veen). No nomination is required. They do so by sending an email to the openstack-dev@lists.openstack.org mailing-list, which the subject: "TC candidacy" by October 10, 05:59 UTC. The email can include a description of the candidate platform. The candidacy is then confirmed by one of the election officials, after verification of the electorate status of the candidate.

TC Election Questions

In order to help the electorate learn more about the candidates, a template of questions will be posted by September 26, 23:59 UTC on this wikipage for tc candidates to answer in their nomination email. As a way of encouraging voters, the election officials may take responses to the same question in candidate emails and compose a blog post in order to help voters inform themselves. Staying with a format of Question > Answer will facilitate this use of data should it be determined this is possible to do as well as helpful to voters.

These individual topics are selected to give a range of items for the electorate to compare candidates on similar issues. You are welcome to respond to the topic, to answer the question or to not respond. Your choice of response will be identified beside your name when the answers are organized by topic to help the electorate better understand individual candidates. This is the first time we are doing this so choices of where the responses are published might be decided after responses are received. Responses will be published on this wikipage by the electoral officials. Please include your responses in your candidate announcement email in a clearly defined section so the electoral officials can copy/paste with confidence. There is no guarantee your formatting will be preserved.

Topic: OpenStack Mission
How do you feel the technical community is doing in meeting the OpenStack Mission?
Topic: Technical Committee Mission
How do you feel the technical committee is doing in meeting the technical committee mission?
Topic: Contributor Motivation
How would you characterize the various facets of contributor motivation?
Topic: Rate of Growth
There is no argument the OpenStack technical community has a substantial rate of growth. What are some of the consequences of this rate?
Topic: New Contributor Experience
How would you characterize the experience new contributors have currently?
Topic: Communication
How would you describe our current state of communication in the OpenStack community?
Topic: Relationship with the Foundation Board
The technical committee interacts with the foundation board on several different fronts. How would you describe these interactions?