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TBD University

  • TBD University
  • [[ | TBD Director of Central IT]] (IT Director, University TBD Central IT)
  • Daichi Nakamura (Cloud admin, University TBD Central IT)
  • [[ | TBD User]] (Researcher using Central OpenStack)
  • [[ | TBD User]] (Researcher managing their own OpenStack?)

University TBD is a mid-sized research university in Ibaraki, Japan. They have a large IT infrastructure that runs many mission-critical applications. They are rarely on the cutting edge of new technologies but they are aware of them. They value solid, industry standard technology backed up by vendor support.

They have a large cloud environment with a smaller test and development environment. Their only OpenStack environment is currently a small evaluation project used as a test and development environment for one department.

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