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TBD Company Overview

  • Company TBD
  • [[ | Name TBD]] (CIO?)
  • Ben Schofield (Cloud admin)
  • [[ | Name TBD]] (Lead Developer/Self-Service User)
  • [[ | Name TBD]] (Lead Developer/Requesting User)

TBD Company is a Fortune 500 company. They have a large IT infrastructure that runs many mission-critical applications, but they are on the bleeding edge of technology.

They are investing heavily in OpenStack which fuels their IT infrastructure. They are using the last OpenStack release for both test and production environments for multiple medium sized private clouds (~150 nodes). They try to stay as up-to-date with the latest release but can be 6 months to 1 year behind. They like to take advantage of new releases for their newer features. They have approximately 300 users. They are a mix of both self-service end-users as well as end-users requesting resources that we fulfill.

To be added:

  • Visualization of IT Landscape
  • Visualization of each environment

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