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Swift Oct. 1 Meeting

When: October 1, 2012 at 20:00 (UTC), 3pm (Central), 1pm (Pacific), 9pm (London)

Where: #openstack-meeting on freenode (IRC)


  1. Agenda/Vision/Goal
  2. Feature catagory overview
  3. Review features
  4. Summit talks
  5. Concerns and Questions


Features for the next six months, categorized

New Contributors

  • improved "getting started as a dev" docs (code organization, design overview)

New Deployers

  • geo replicas (proxy affinity + tiered zones + separate replication interface)
  • ring server w/ auto device detection
  • remote testing tool (if functests are sufficient, then at least docs)
  • concurrent reads to a single object
  • on-disk compression

New Client Apps

  • improved language bindings
  • better docs about ideal client access patters for swift
  • better docs about designing datasets to be stored in swift

New End Users

  • tiered storage cluster
  • better traversal abstractions (how can I get a listing of a large container)
  • metadata searching
  • server-side object splitting (large single-stream upload)
  • multi-range support
  • CORS support
  • on-disk encryption
  • API v2

Basic "Be More Awesome" Things (Misc)

  • FS-specific tuning (eg better disk walking)
  • replication improvements: eg ring-version-aware communication, "replicate now" (or general replication priority) support
  • remove webob
  • replace eventlet?
  • container sharding

Therefore, what are the summit plans?

Any outstanding concerns or questions

  •  ????