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==== Contact Us ====
==== Contact Us ====
The best way to contact the Superuser TV team is by email: [http://mailto:editor@openstack.org editor '''at''' openstack '''dot''' org]
The best way to contact the Superuser TV team is by email: [http://mailto:superusertv@openstack.org superusertv '''at''' openstack '''dot''' org]
== Format ==
== Format ==

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Superuser TV

Superuser TV

This page contains information about Superuser TV. It provides an overview including the objective, how to contact the team, a list of suggested topics, and upcoming episodes.

View previously recorded content at the Superuser TV page: http://superuser.openstack.org/articles/section/superuser-tv


Superuser TV offers community and industry insights, plus educational topics to support the OpenStack community. With content ranging from deployments to diversity, from emerging technologies to cloud strategy, Superuser TV aims to provide the open source community with access to a variety of perspectives and knowledge. We interview subject matter experts in a vendor-neutral format, taking no sponsorships for preferred placement.

Contact Us

The best way to contact the Superuser TV team is by email: superusertv at openstack dot org


Superuser TV has two different formats to cover OpenStack events or monthly broadcasts. Please see the details for each format below.

OpenStack Summit/Events

The interviews/discussions that happen at the summit for Superuser TV are generally 5 to 10 minutes in length. We limit the length of these interviews/discussions so that we can accommodate as many topics as possible since a lot of community/industry experts are in the same venue.

Scheduled (Monthly) Episodes

Superuser TV will also continue to publish new videos at least once a month between OpenStack summits. These discussions/topics are longer in length (approximately 40-45 minutes) and will hopefully allow the audience to walk away with a deep understanding of the topic being discussed.

Upcoming Episodes

This section contains information on topics that have been submitted and scheduled for a future Superuser TV broadcast. Some of the Superuser TV events might contain a live Q&A session at the end and, for these events, we will also include a link to the live event.

Topic Featured Guest(s) Tentative Schedule Link To Event Superuser TV Moderator
(Check Back Soon) (TBD) N/A (TBD) (TBD)

Proposed Topics

The list below includes all topics that have been submitted to the Superuser TV and meet the criteria set forth in our objective statement.

Topic Featured Guest(s) Submission Date Nothing in queue N/A N/A