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Design Summit/Havana

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What is a Design Summit ?

Please see Summit for more details on how the Design Summit track works !

Havana Design Summit

Schedule and Session notes

Design Summit Topics

  • Process: Development processes and tools, release schedule, core infrastructure for the project
  • Oslo: Common code and libraries between OpenStack projects
  • Documentation: Future efforts on OpenStack documentation
  • QA: Sessions about QA efforts: unit tests, integration tests, upgrade tests, Tempest...
  • Nova: Sessions about OpenStack Compute (Nova)
  • Networking: Sessions about OpenStack Network service (Quantum), and the future of Nova networking
  • Keystone: Sessions about OpenStack Identity (Keystone)
  • Horizon: Sessions about OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon)
  • Cinder: Sessions about OpenStack Block Storage (Cinder)
  • Glance: Sessions about OpenStack Image service (Glance)
  • Swift: Sessions about OpenStack Object Storage (Swift)
  • Ceilometer: Sessions about Ceilometer (Metering, Monitoring)
  • Heat: Sessions about Heat (Resource Orchestration)


In addition to predefined topics, we have room for everyone else. We'll have an Unconference room with empty slots. There will be a grid posted at the Summit, where you can book your own slot to discuss anything related to OpenStack. First come, first serve.

Lightning talks

On Monday - Wednesday after lunch, there will be a series of 5-min long lightning presentations that you can book to talk about anything you want, including teasing people so that they will come to your presentation afterwards. There will be a grid posted on a wall at the Summit... First come, first serve. Dave Walker (Daviey) will be your host and will make sure you don't go beyond the allowed 5 minutes.

Questions ? Help ?

Contact Thierry Carrez at thierry<-A-T->openstack.org