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StringFreeze (SF) happens at the same time as FeatureFreeze.


Once SF kicks in, you are no longer allowed to accept proposed changes containing modifications in user-facing strings. Such changes should be rejected by the review team and postponed until the next series development opens (which should happen when RC1 is published).

What's OK:

  • Adding/changing log messages
  • Adding a missing description to a config option

What's not OK:

  • Changing a user-visible API error message
  • Changing a config option name or existing description


SF ensures that the documentation and translation teams have a relatively-stable universe to produce documentation and translations for.

Exception procedure

If you want to propose a change containing a user-facing string modification (that you believe fixes an important issue) for merging into the release under development after SF, follow those steps:

  • Mention the need for a string freeze exception on the review
  • Provide links to appropriate bugs
  • Raise a thread to discuss the opportunity of the change on the openstack-dev mailing-list
  • Lazy consensus should be preferred, but the affected project PTLs has final say on what's acceptable or not.